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Early Childhood Educator Assistant(ECEA)

To apply for the first time for an Early Childhood Educator Assistant Certificate, one course of a basic early childhood education training program must be completed: (i) child development, (ii) child guidance, or (iii) child health, safety and nutrition This course meets the academic requirements necessary to apply for provincial…

Education Assistant Program

Overview Graduates of the Education Assistant program will be eligible to support the learning needs of students in the K-12 school system, preschool, daycare centres and in the community. They assist in areas of personal care, learning support and behaviour management under the supervision of teachers or other child care…

Certified Holistic Herbalist Level 1

Certified Holistic Herbalist Level I. Learn about Ayurvedic Herbs and their application in the east and the west. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be qualified to work in a general health and nutrition store and support others on their journey to a healthy living lifestyle. This program…

Certified Indian Vegetarian Cuisine Level 1

From appetizers and flatbreads to daals & zesty curries, learn how to cook healthy Indian vegetarian,vegan and gluten free meals using a variety of plant-based ingredients, with easy to follow step-by-step instructional video recipes.The course goes into depth about the nutritional value and health benefits of spices and other ingredients,and how to include protein in your…