I started my Education Assistant Course at CCBC in January, 2019. Prior to registering, I did quite a bit of research on different schools that offered this program. At that time, I was working full time and needed a program that was 100% online. CCBC was unique that I did not have to physically attend any sessions. I had prior experience in studying online, so I felt confident that this will work for me. All questions that I had were answered by the administration staff.

I feel that the course is very well laid out to reach the learning outcomes for each subject. The assignment questions pushes me to have a deeper understanding on each topic. Each assignment requires the student to conduct a search for information on the internet. Thus the finished assignment Is a wealth of information and websites that I can come back to further pursue learning about the topic.

The instructors are very quick to respond to questions and assignments. I do feel that online courses are not for everyone, but if you are a mature student, motivated to learn and ask questions, CCBC can provide a great learning experience to prepare you for the job.