A great combination of assignment based learning with a in school long practicum at the end. Even with many years of experience prior to this program, I learnt more information and strategies to use in a positive learning environment for children. I found employment right away with a school district. An excellent program that suits people who are working during the day as well!
Coastal College of BC was the first school that I found that offered an online program for Educational Assistant. I loved that I could complete my schoolwork from home, the instructors would respond in reasonable time to help. The program prepared me for my practicum and work field. I was able to get a job right away after completing the program. I would highly recommend Coastal College of BC!
It took me 45 years to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. Luckily when I did I found Coastal College and their EA program game me the education and tools to answer my calling. Being able to work trough the course at my own pace made things extremely easy.Love my job – Thank you Coastal College!