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Early Childhood Educator Assistant(ECEA)

Overview Format: To become an Early Childhood Educator Assitant, one course of a basic early childhood education training program must be completed: (i) child development (ECEA100), (ii) child guidance (ECEA200), or (iii) child health, safety and nutrition (ECEA300) Please note that this course is for first time applicants only. Application…

Education Assistant Program

Overview Format: 8 courses are completed online. 2- month practicum is completed in a school setting. Duration: 800- hours  of Coursework and 180- hour practicum Application fee: $150 (Domestic Student) $250 (International Student) Tuition Fee: $4,500 (Domestic Student) $13,500 (International Student) Start Date:       Continuous intake. There is no waitlist.…