Role of the Education Assistant

As an Education Assistant (Certified Education Assistant) you have a special role. You are usually the person who spends the most time with a student during the school day. You are also likely one of the more consistent presences in their school experience. You are the person who is present most often when other peers […]

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Guide on the Side: The Role of the Educational Assistant

By Dr. Ashleigh Molloy The noble role of an educational assistant (also referred to as teaching assistant or paraprofessional) is paramount as a “guide on the side” for students. The E.A. is part of a dynamic duo working alongside of the teacher. The common goal of this collaboration is to provide an improved student learning […]

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Benefits of Education Assistant Program

Interested in the field of education? The Education Assistant Program at Coastal College of British Columbia (CCBC) can assist you in many ways. Becoming an Education Assistant is a great career in the field of education. But, who are these Education Assistants? As an Education Assistant you will assist teachers in the delivery of appropriate instruction […]

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