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Prior Learning Assessment

The following information is for those Education Assistant (EA) students who are currently working as an Education

Assistant within a district or independent/private school in a K- 12 context:
  1. The Private Training Institute Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Skills and Training has approved Coastal College of British Columbia to recognize the work experience of those students working as EA’s.

2. If you are working as an EA, and have worked more than 180 hours, you are eligible to apply for a Prior      Learning Assessment to waive the practicum requirement for graduation.

A Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is a process to determine if prior course work or work experience is equivalent to part of a program at Coastal College of British Columbia (CCBC). CCBC recognizes that students may have successfully completed course work at another post‐secondary institution or have attained significant learning from work or training outside the formal post‐secondary education system. Those students who have gained such learning may be able to receive credit for that learning and build on it in pursuing further education at CCBC. Credit granted for PLA may be used to satisfy requirements for graduation.

CCBC recognizes the following prior learning:

  • Work Experience: The student may provide confirmation of prior learning in a work experience setting. Where that work experience can be equated to the learning outcomes or objectives of a course or program at CCBC, credit will be granted.

  • Coursework Assessment: The candidate may provide confirmation of prior learning in previously completed coursework to CCBC. Where that learning can be equated to the learning outcomes or objectives of a course or program at CCBC, credit will be granted.

  1. The student will submit a Prior Learning Assessment Form to the college providing proof of prior learning. For proof of prior coursework completed, a transcript must also be submitted. For proof of work experience, a formal evaluation must also be completed by an on-site supervisor using the Work Experience Evaluation Form and a letter of employment or a pay stub must be submitted.

  2. An assessment of the PLA form submitted will be completed by the Senior Educational Administrator or the Director of Instruction within 5 working days.

  3. If a student does not meet the outcomes/competencies based on the proof submitted, they will be required to complete those aspects, and this may require an extension.
    Upon completion of the assessment, a copy of the form will be sent to the student and a copy will be kept in the students file.

  4. An applicant who disputes the results of a Prior Learning Assessment may appeal that decision under the normal appeals process.

  5. The credits achieved through PLA will appear on the student’s transcript.

  6. The prior learning assessment process will be applied consistently to all students. Prior learning can be assessed up to 50% of the hours of instruction of a program.

The Prior Learning Assessment Form and the assessment is attached. Please contact the college if you require any further information.


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