Registration for Certified Indian Vegetarian Cuisine Level 1 is now Open!

It’s like having a personal tutor and a classroom in your own kitchen. The Certified Indian Vegetarian Cuisine course (Spice Inspired Kitchen) will open the door to healthy, flavourful Indian cuisine, which is one of the best global cuisines for thriving on a vegetarian lifestyle.

What You Will Find Inside Certified Indian Vegetarian Cuisine Cooking Course

There are 6 modules packed with information. From appetizers and flat breads to daals & zesty curries, you will learn how to cook healthy Indian vegetarian, vegan and gluten free meals using a variety of plant-based ingredients, with easy to follow step-by-step instructional video recipes.

In Module 1 the Instructor will take you shopping to an Indian Supermarket. We will go through the aisles filled with spices, lentils, rice and many other ingredients which may be unfamiliar to you., She will show you what to buy. Then you will visit behind the scenes Indian restaurant, where you get to see how the chefs create mouth-watering delicacies in a Tandoori oven. It’s quite fascinating to watch them in their element as they make it all look so simple!

You will learn everything you want to know about buying basmati rice (in-store video) and shopping for unique fresh produce (in-store video).

In Modules 2-6 you will learn, from detailed instructional videos, how to make a variety of appetizers, deals, rice and curries. And let’s not forget about flat breads, basic and stuffed ones. Each lesson is supplemented with detailed shopping lists, printable recipes and nutritional information.

This Indian Vegetarian Cuisine cooking course is fully accessible from any device online, including all 35 videos and 40 PDF files.

How To Contact Us

Call us at 1-604-553-8585 or toll-free +1-888-258-2564 if you have further questions or inquiries about this program.