Online Learning: Keys to Success – Tip #1

Online learning is a flexible and convenient way to learn in our busy lives these days. However, learning online requires self-discipline and commitment. One way to be successful in taking an online course is ensuring you have a plan.

Plan of Action

A plan of action supports learners in becoming organized and provides clarity moving forward with the course. Below are some simple steps in creating a plan that works for you:

  • Plan Ahead
    The first thing to do when starting any online course is to read and look through the course syllabus, assignments and tasks. Doing this allows you to create a timeline of due dates and work backwards
  • Use an effective calendar system: Remembering and being reminded of due dates for assignments are key to staying on top of your course work. There are many apps, sites, and systems that are effective and easy to use. Something as simple as putting your due dates into Google calendar and setting a reminder in advance ensures you always hand things in on time.
  • Create to-do lists:
    A tried and true method to complete assignments for your course is to create a list of things to get done and check it off as you complete tasks. It’s very satisfying to see items on your list being crossed off as tasks get completed. Useful apps include Trello and the Kanban system of do, doing and done for anyone tech savvy who wants to stay organized digitally.
    Trello, Kanban, Do Doing Done
  • Set time limits:
    Setting your own personal goals, deadlines and time limits is effective in keeping you accountable to doing a little bit of work each day. Even if you only work on your course for 30 minutes every other day and are focused enough to get down to work during that time you will cover a lot of ground.
  • Stay on schedule: If you follow all of the above guidelines and commit to the work you will be able to stay on schedule and not feel stressed or pressures at the last minute.