Benefits of Education Assistant Program

Interested in the field of education? The education assistant professional certificate program at Coastal College of BC can assist you in many ways. Becoming an education assistant is a great career in the field of education. But, who are these education assistants?

As an Education Assistant you will assist teachers in the delivery of appropriate instruction and provide students with learning support. Support may in the areas of learning, behavioral challenges, physical and self-care and supervision. Educational Assistants may also work with individuals with exceptionalism in various agencies and learning institutions supporting students in developing life skills, employment skills, and other related skills that help individuals to be independent and self-supporting.

Being an education assistant is a vital role in our education system. Some benefits of becoming an education assistant include –

Get Employed As Per Your Preference

Education assistants can get employed in a variety of settings. Public and private schools, colleges, child care centers, early intervention programs, summer camps, and other educational institutions are all places where you can find employment as an education assistant. One can work on a full-time, part-time or even contractual basis. Want to assist tiny tots? Or wish to support the higher level education? You can choose to get employed as per your preference.

Work-Life Balance

As an education assistant, you have reasonable work hours that leave you with free time for your personal life. Of course, the time you spend at work as an education assistant is dependent on several factors like the place or level of work. For instance, a full-time education assistant will be required to spend a certain number of hours at work but when on a contractual basis, you may or may not be required to spend fixed hours at work. Sure, you may also have long days in events like parent-teacher conferences, after-school activities, etc. But, if you are efficient, a career as an education assistant will provide the needed work-life balance.

Good Career Prospects

While employment status differs from province to province, once you have established yourself as an education assistant, you will easily find opportunities. What’s more, since you work closely with teachers you gain valuable experience in the field and can soon find many opportunities.

With these benefits and career prospects, becoming an education assistant is a chance to an excellent career in teaching. Our education assistant professional certificate program provides you with the theoretical and practical training necessary for a great career in the field. What’s more, the Coastal College of BC employment guidance will help you initiate your career quickly!