Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are you accredited?

    Coastal College of British Columbia is a newer college. The Ministry initially designates newer colleges with an interim designation. This certificate is posted on our website. Within a short period of time of being in full compliance with rules and regulations of the ministry, we will move to a full designation. This is an assurance for our students from the Ministry and CCBC that the programming, practicum, and certification fully meets market requirements. We encourage you to ensure you have all questions answered before beginning any program of study at any college. Please contact The Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training to confirm this information. They would be able to answer any questions around regulations for colleges.  The phone number is 604 569-0033.

  2. Can we choose our practicum placement, or is it chosen for us?
    Practicums are organized by Coastal College of British Columbia (CCBC). In consultation with the student, CCBC would tentatively schedule a practicum in a high school or elementary school in the students preferred area. The student may also make inquires. CCBC would negotiate placements through discussions with a host organization. If a host organization is not available in the student’s preferred area of residence, the student maybe required to accept a practicum elsewhere. But this should not be an issue, as most school districts, independent schools and private schools are hiring.Through negotiations, the practicum is set out based on the learning outcomes. Care is taken to ensure that the practicum does not demand knowledge that the student does not yet possess.All coursework must be complete before the beginning of the practicum. As well, a criminal record search and a basic first aid course must be completed before the start of the practicum. Most school districts do not allow practicums in September or June. Our goal would be to have you start the practicum in other months. Not to worry, we would work with you to ensure all these pieces are in place.

  3. Are the listed textbooks included in the price and provided or do we buy them elsewhere? If so, where?
    As you may know, you can purchase or rent textbooks from a variety of sites and locations. Please see the attached course outline and textbook list for textbook titles and ISBN numbers. We encourage students to rent textbooks from a vendor of their choice. Estimated cost is about $300 in total. Here is a list of sites some students have found useful. You may wish to rent/purchase from the following sites:

    For example, on this site you will have instant access, flexible term options, and deep discounts up to 60% on digital content! Delivered via email within 1 hour. Expires after 180 days. Easy 30-Day Returns. The first textbook would cost you about $25 to use.

    Students can purchase the required textbooks from a college/university bookstore.

    Textbooks may also be available in a local public library.

  4. Are tests scheduled, or are they all online and can be taken whenever the student is ready?
    In the courses there are no examinations. The research is quite clear that exams do not provide long term retention or deep understanding of course content. In this program, the instructors use the formative assessment model. Many colleges and universities are moving away from the “test”. Many educators and experts believe that formative assessment is an integral part of effective teaching and learning. In contrast with most summative assessments (exams and tests), which are deliberately set apart from instruction, formative assessments are integrated into the learning process. For example, a formative-assessment technique could be as simple as an instructor posing a reflection question to a student and then using a rubric to provide feedback.

  5. Is this a completely self-paced course or do we follow a timeline with others? Do you have continual intake?
    It depends on your educational goal. If you are looking for a self-paced course, we can make separate accommodations for you. Please contact the college for more information. Each student works at their own pace within the due dates established. Yes, we have continual intake.

  6. Can payment for the course be made in installments or does it all have to get paid at once?
    Tuition fees for programs are due and payable before the start date of the program. Students may pay in installments, which would be set up as evenly as possible. The amount of tuition would be apportioned equally to each installment date. All tuition must be paid before the student begins their practicum and before the students receive their final proof/certification of program completion. Most students pay in 3 installments. Tuition fees do not include the cost of the required textbooks.

  7. What is the admission process for students for the Education Assistant Program?


    • Reviews registration requirements on the CCBC website
    • May send an information request to
    • Contacts College for more information
    • Receives course outline and textbook list
    • Reviews FAQ’s
    • Reviews handbook, policies, course outline, textbook list and related information
    • Asks any further questions
    • Reviews all documentation and information provided
    • Registers online
    • Uploads required documentation
    • Pays $150 application fee
    • Ensures all admission requirements are met
    • Receives Work Experience Policy
    • Establishes installment/payment plan with college
    • Discussion with college about Work Experience placement
    • Student can request further clarification; once satisfied, student returns signed contract
    •  Receives a final copy of the contract
    • Receives a letter of acceptance to CCBC
    • Receives invoice for first installment/payment
    • Pays first installment/payment
    • Receives an email from the instructor
    • Starts the program
  8. Do we ever have to go to a classroom or a physical location?
    Our courses are ONLINE. You must physically attend practicums.

  9. Is there a set start date or can I start as soon as I pay and register?
    Programs have continuous intake. This means that you can start as soon as your registration has been processed by the registrar.

  10. Do you have bursaries or scholarships, particularly for single parents?
    We have a small scholarship of $100 for students in need. All that is required is a letter outlining the details. A summary will suffice.

  11. Is distance Education right for me?
    Distance Education is more flexible. Students can complete assignments at their own pace. Students can also continue to work at their livelihood. Distance Education requires a student to be self-disciplined, have good computer skills. Students should be able to copy and paste, locate and upload a file, use a web browser and a word processor and send and receive emails.

Please do not hesitate to contact CCBC if you require any further information.